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  • Jetcar supports the team Ruppin-Jet during their participation in the Shell Eco-Marathon, a competition which was launched to advance the development of vehicles with extremely low fuel consumption.

  • Car design is a central concern of the exhibition and convention "Design als Profitfaktor" at the Essener Zollverein which takes place on Tuesday, 18th of October 2006, Um das Design von PKW geht es in dem am Dienstag, 18.10.06. Jetcar Zukunfts GmbH will present a sports version of Jetcar 2.5

  • On August 13th in 2004, the series production of Jetcar 2.5 was ceremoniously inaugurated. We welcomed notable politicians and the press. („Tagespiegel 14 Aug. 04“, “MAZ 14/ 15 Aug. 04“) After the ceremony, we started attempts on FIA records at the Michelin-Drivingcenter/Gross Doelln. Jetcar 2.5 performed attempts on records in the categories: ¼ mile standing, 1km standing and flying and 1mile standing.“ („Auto-Mobiles Nr26 15 Dez 04")
    The results will soon be presented by the FIA at at „Cat.A, GroupIII, Class 5".

    Besides the FIA runs we could establish another record for series cars with an internal combustion engine: Jetcar 2.5 consumed only 2,64 liters diesel on 103 kilometers. This calculates to 92 miles per gallon [US] or 2,56 liters per 100 kilometers (hence the name “Jetcar 2.5”…

  • In October 2004, the Jetcar Zukunftsfahrzeug GmbH participated in the EU conference „Energy in Motion“ in Amsterdam, where the most advanced cars and traffic concepts were presented to European environment- and traffic ministers, the press and representatives of leading associations. Jetcar presented the car and its new concept of traffic lanes for future congested urban areas.
  • Jetcar also participated in the „Techno Classica“ fair in Essen 2004.

    The Jetcar 2.5 was presented to friends of extraordinary vehicles in the „Techno Classica“ fair in Essen 2004. We benefitted from that fair by various hints and suggestions, which had direct influence on later customer cars.

  • The Jetcar 2.5 was presented to the public for the first time in the IAA 2003 fair in Frankfurt. The echo was positive and surpassed all of our expectations.“ („Focus 13. Okt. 2003.jpg“, „EuropeanPlastics Okt. 03“)