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About our Company

the archetype of Jetcar

Since 1998 we have been gathering expertise in the development of fuel efficient vehicles. First we constructed the archetype of Jetcar. In 2001/02 we hired 4 new employees in the domain of automobile development. Our research and development engineers advanced and transformed the first developmental stage of Jetcar into our latest model Jetcar 2.5. A cabriolet version of Jetcar 2.5 will be available soon. We presented the prototype of Jetcar 2.5 on the IAA (International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt).

Modell Jetcar 2.5

Our project Jetcar 1.5 is currently in the developing stages. This car has the same body and an 8 kW diesel engine. The anticipated consumption is 1,5 l per 100 km. It weighs 390 kg and will therefore be taxed very advantageously as a light motorcar Technical data Jetcar 1.5 Christian Wenger-Rosenau and his brother Michael Wenger initiated the development. Their idea was to create a light, streamlined vehicle with extremely low fuel consumption. Therefore, they wanted to equip the car with a light steel frame, an epoxy glass resin body and a small volume diesel-engine. Both, Christian Wenger-Rosenau and Michael Wenger have gained great expertise in the field of alternative energies and their efficient use through the course of their careers. In 1988 Christian Wenger Rosenau started constructing smaller wind power facilities. Since 1995 the brothers have been projecting wind parks in Northern Brandenburg. The construction of the first wind park coincided with the initiation of the development of Jetcar. In 2001 the Windenergie Wenger-Rosenau GmbH was founded which then continued to develop Jetcar. Now, Jetcar Zukunfts GmbH is in charge of the development and will oversee the manufacture of a limited edition of 100 vehicles which then shall be put on the German market.