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The Jetcar

After several years of in-depth research and prototype construction we have succeeded in creating a high quality, yet efficient vehicle with a familiar technology. Its unique quality and fascination lies within the combination of an outstanding design, convenience and cost efficiency.

The consistently developed aerodynamic design and the light and effective technology distinguish Jetcar as a high quality vehicle.

The Technologie of the Jetcar

Automotive light weight construction has been applied not only in building the outer frame: Every minute detail has been examined and refined through experience and innovation. Also, we greatly advanced the stability of the undercarriage.

The design of the cabin communicates the experience of flying due to the expanded front shield and the extended side shields as well as the spacious and ergonomically designed seats. All instruments are situated conviniently within the view of the driver, providing for optimal visual and sensory control.

  • Jetcar can be individually customized to meet your personal demands. Also, Jetcar Zukunftsfahrzeug GmbH offers custom-made seats. Any colour , any equipment component you prefer will be provided. We love the challenge!

The concept of the internal space

Possible equipment